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Download Prometheus (2012) {Hindi-English}

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Details:- Prometheus (2012) 👇

  • Full Name: Prometheus
  • Language: Hindi – English
  • Release Year: 2012
  • Size: 480p [350 MB], 720p [1 GB] & 1080p [3.3 GB]
  • Quality: 480p, 720p & 1080p
  • Format: Mkv
  • Genre: Adventure | Mystery | Sci-Fi
  • Rating: 7.0/10


Millions of years ago, a spacecraft of an advanced humanoid alien race arrives on Earth. One of the aliens consumes deep liquid, causing his body to disintegrate and fall into a nearby spring. We see that its DNA is broken and recombination sows the Earth with the building blocks of life.

After clues to the origin of mankind, a team finds a structure on a distant moon, but they soon realize that they are not alone.

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Prometheus (2012) Review

Where is your surprise, thrill, excitement, innocence ?? I think I have to answer the hatred on IMDb for this film, and no I’m not trolling, I really love this movie – and there’s no mistake with it! I can’t believe such negative opinions and vitriol for this film! I have read and re-read the same criticism over and over again, and to me they do not hold water.

99.9% of people seem to have made up their mind, but that is my view on the film, and if you like me, I will try and change the world.

The Prometheus mission is classified TOP SECRET. Even the development of the ship will be done without any kind of publicity. Potentially, they are on a life-long quest – as if Howard Carter had not aired his rivals that he was going in search of Tutankhamun and where he was going in search of it. Weyland will not risk allowing its main rival Yutani to get there.

The “Magic Eye” posted prior to the film’s release goes viral, and points out that Yutani is constantly using secret means to spy on her rival, stealing secrets, poaching. Doing – and at the same time this mission is secret, the team of scientists will not be briefed on the details of the mission beforehand, or present each other before the mission to maintain confidentiality.

As a result, Weyland would probably not go directly into the scientific community, but would rather hire people who could be sworn to secrecy, and bought their silence. Fifield’s attitude confirms this, remember that ‘scientific mission’ is only a smoke screen. This mission is primarily to extend Wayland’s life. Period. Science is secondary, it’s just that Shaw and Holloway don’t know. That is why ‘scientists’ are such a motivational team. Beyond Weyland’s objectives, it is a business venture, first and foremost – Vickers pretty much spells it out to Shaw and Holloway.

In no particular order … the nature of nervousness. When Vickers and Shaw are running away from the juggernaut, they are in a blind panic – such as when you’re running away from the enemy and possibly running straight towards him. They don’t have time to see the orientation, they see the object fall, see the giant shadow (remember that Jugorot is BIG! And run blindly. Even if they run towards the edge, the thing is overshadowed. , Yet they can be. Because it is not the size of two football fields!

Modern instrumentation in the 21st century When everyone takes off their helmet, they have a lot of correlative information to support the absence of pathogens, and the presence of oxygen. Airline pilots do not have to look out of the window for planes to fly. You trust your devices !! So they know that they can safely remove their helmets, as the area has been terraformed using engineered technology. The same thing with the head – the devices indicate no pathogens, and the re-animating process would have been successful, but unbeknownst to Shaw and Ford, it is the presence of mutations that endangers the head and the molecular implications of the result. .

And Pauling Medi Pod is expensive for a reason – don’t compare it to a human surgeon, plus the cutting is ultra fine and precise, plus the staple machine sprays a number of fast-fill / flesh-bonding chemicals into the wound, Shaw Staggers for a few hours, but you’re up and running in a few hours.

Ridley decided to use Guy Pearce in the makeup of the old man rather than hiring an old actor to maintain continuity with Ted Talk viral. Everyone says how terrible the makeup is, but I think it’s because Weyland is too old, so her appearance will be more exaggerated.

When Millburn kills ‘snake pet’, he is scared to death – when you give a chance at a doberman, an analogy would be like this – you can get out of your hands, say “good dog” – fruitless, but you are trying to handle a difficult situation with extreme weakness.

And with this business boom. In the original A L I E E – the optimized increase is shown to be exactly from Alien birthing from John Hurt, a few hours later it is “the shape of a man”, so it follows that this is the trait of the projector (s). It is also possible that Black Go causes this acceleration / mutation.

And David’s purpose is not for the most part ambiguous, but rather very clear – he is first and foremost programmed to work towards the purpose of Peter Wyland, all other ideas are secondary. His intentional poisoning of Holloway is to use him as a guinea pig to see the effect of the black calf before he advises Wyland about whether or not he swallows it, what he does for it, etc.


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